Province invests $3.2 million for source water protection

Province invests $3.2 million for source water protection in the South Georgian Bay – Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region

April 15, 2008

The recent announcement by the Province to invest another $23 million toward protecting sources of drinking water means just over $3.2 million to the region surrounding Lake Simcoe.

The funding was given to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) as the lead agency in the region known as the South Georgian Bay – Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region. The region encompasses four watersheds: Lake Simcoe, Nottawasaga, Severn Sound and Black River. The work being done here to finish the scientific groundwork and to prepare a protection plan is overseen by a source protection committee chaired by Town of Innisfil Councillor Lynn Dollin.

“This additional funding supports municipalities to protect drinking water supplies from overuse and contamination,” Dollin said. “It will help us finish stage one, the scientific studies that will provide an accurate picture of how water supplies are replenished and to identify the hazards that might put them at risk.

“Then we will move on to stage two, an action plan that will help municipalities protect their drinking water by reducing or eliminating these hazards. It’s important that the plan is based on a sound scientific foundation to ensure that it is both effective and defensible.” Ultimately, she said, the protection plan will recommend actions to accomplish two objectives: to reduce risk from threats that already exist, and to prevent new threats from happening.

Media contact:
Lynn Dollin
Committee Chair

Don Goodyear
Manager, Source Protection Planning, LSRCA