For Municipalities

The following resources are for municipalities to help inform and guide the public on source water protection.

Fact Sheets

The below fact sheets are provided in Word document format so that you can add personalize with your own contact information.


Dense non aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) Illustration
Intake Protection Zone illustration
Intake Protection Zone (IPZ) Illustration
Septic illustration
Septic Illustration
WHPA illustration
Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) Illustration


Water Infographic
Septic Infographic
Drains are Not Dumps Infographic

 Municipal Orientation/Training

Municipal Guidance

Implementation Guide

This guide was created to help municipalities prepare for implementation of their responsibilities under the Clean Water Act.



Meme: Appreciation - You don't know what you have until it's gone. Find out more about source water protection
Appreciation Meme
Meme: Enjoys having a high property value - Has septic system pumped and inspected regularly.
High Property Value Meme
Meme: Stop Look Smell - Identify septic failure
Meme: Stop Look Smell
Meme: Unlike a grumpy neighbour, drinking water has no boundaries. Your activities affect everyone.
Grumpy Neighbour Meme
 Meme: Protect Drinking water. It's the Law

It’s the law meme

Meme: This is Bill. Bill likes having clean water to drink. Bill does not dump any toxic liquids down the drain. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.
This is Bill Meme
Meme: Seasoning roads, sidewalks or parking lots... doesn't make them taste better. Reduce your salt use.
Salt meme
Meme: It's not like water falls from the sky. Oh wait, it does... Help it get back down into the ground
It’s not like water meme
Meme: Your drain is not a dump
Drain meme
Meme Your toilet is not a superhero. Watch what you flush.
Toilet meme
Meme: Water is Life. Protect yours
Water is Life meme
Meme: Would you drink it? If not, don't dump it
Would you drink it meme
Questions or comments on these resources?

Should you have any questions or comments about these resources (or ideas about other resources you might want), send an email to: and we’ll be happy to help!

You can also ask to speak with a source water representative at Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority at 905-895-1281.