Committee Overview

About the Source Protection Committee

Committee Mission

The Source Protection Committee exists to ensure an open process is followed in the development of reasonable, science based policies that protect municipal sources of drinking water now and into the future.

The Source Protection Committee is responsible for developing (and has completed the development of) three key pieces of documentation as part of the source protection planning process for the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region:

1. Terms of Reference

Lays out who is responsible for each part of the Source Protection Plan and how the work will be conducted. (Approved June 29, 2009)

2. Assessment Reports

These highly detailed documents identify and assess threats to local drinking water sources and how to address them. Their creation involved significant public and municipal consultation. (Approved January 26, 2015)

3. Source Protection Plan

Includes policies to address threats to drinking water. This included broad consultation with the public. (Effective July 1, 2015)
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The Source Protection Committee is supported by Conservation Authority staff, scientists and working groups who helped develop these documents.

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (with representation from the Black River watershed), Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and Severn Sound Environmental Association, all act as Source Protection Authorities, and are responsible for reviewing these documents, recommending them for approval to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, as well as overseeing/reporting on implementation efforts.