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Source Water Protection

Source Protection Committee -- Committee Chair Expression of interest for postion of chair

The Source Protection Committee Chair

Following the recent proclamation of the Clean Water Act, 2006 and the regulations providing for the establishment of Source Protection Committees (SPC), the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe source protection region is compiling a list of persons who would be interested in serving as chair of a Source Protection Committee.

According to the Act, the Ontario Minister of the Environment shall appoint the Chair of the Source Protection Committee after considering recommendations from the lead Source Protection.

  • Download Clean Water Act Source Protection Committee Chair fact sheet. (PDF)
  • Download Clean Water Act Source Protection Committee Chair Questions and Answers (PDF).
  • Download A Quick Reference Guide to the Clean Water Act, 2006 (PDF)
  • Download Roles and Responsibilities for the Clean Water Act, 2006 (PDF)
  • Download the newspaper ad which appeared beginning on July 10. (PDF)

Expressions of interest for position of Chair

Proposed qualifications for the SPC Chair

These qualifications will be considered when selecting candidates to recommend to the minister:

  • expressed willingness to remain neutral (i.e. not representing a particular sector);
  • advanced negotiating, mediation and facilitation skills;
  • political acuity;
  • understanding of municipal and conservation authority functions and processes;
  • familiarity with the rules of operation for committee processes;
  • relevant knowledge of the watersheds, community and issues in the Source Protection Region;