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Source Water Protection

Resource Library

General Information About Source Water Protection

Know Your Drinking Water
Understanding the Source Protection Planning Process
Source Water Protection Update
Program Overview
About Assessment Reports
What are Threats
Calculating Threats
Water Budgets
Guide for Municipal Councils
Municipal Information Fund for Municipalities

Septics and Wells

Septics Fact Sheet
Septics Inspections
Your Septic System: Protecting Your Investment and the Environment
Septic Do's and Don'ts
Septic Smart Booklet
Buying a Home with a Well and Septic
Well Aware Guide
Municipalities: Guidance on Well Decommissioning
Municipalities: Guidance on Adding a New Well


Agriculture: Overview
Agriculture: ASM (Manure)
Agriculture: Fertilizer
Agriculture: Fuels/Pesticides/Education & Outreach
Agriculture: Livestock Grazing
Agriculture: NASM


Fuels Fact Sheet
Home Heating Oil Fact Sheet
Home Heating Best Practices

Information About DNAPLs

DNAPL (Dense, Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) Fact Sheet
Reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Verify Significant Drinking Water Threats (pdf)
Chemical Products Identified During Commercial and Industrial Threat Verification Site Visits (pdf)
US EPA Website: Background Info on DNAPLs
Household Products Database - to look up chemical contents in household products

Clean Water Act

A Quick Reference Guide to the Clean Water Act, 2006
Clean Water Act Facts
Clean Water Act Myths and Facts
Clean Water Act Roles and Responsibilities
Preparing and Implementing Source Protection Plans

Water Related Videos

Water Budgets
World Water Shortage