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Source Water Protection

For Municipalities

You'll find six factsheets on Source Water Protection topics below that you can use as front desk materials in your planning offices and/or in the field. Also available for download are the illustrations used in the factsheets.

Each factsheet is provided as a Word document, so that you can add your own contact information on the back page.


Drinking Water: Ours to Protect
Planning to Protect Drinking Water Sources: Risk Management Plans
Cultivating Smart Water Use: The Facts for Farmers On Protecting Water
Speaking of: Septic Systems
Keeping Chemicals Out of Drinking Water Sources: The First Line of Defense
Handling Fuels Safely: Residential Fuel Use


DNAPL Illustration
IPZ illustration
Septic illustration
WHPA illustration

Should you have any questions or comments about these resources (or ideas about other resources you might want), send an email to: and we'll be happy to help! You can also ask to speak with a source water representative at LSRCA at 800-465-0437.