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Source Water Protection

Source Protection Committee Member: Dan Shilling

Dan Shilling represents Rama Mnjikaning First Nation located on the Rama Reserve near Orillia. Dan has held the position of First Nation Manager/Chief Administration Officer for Rama First Nation since March 1995. He is responsible for providing an interface between Chief and Council and the administration. In this capacity, Dan provides overall direction for the administration.

Dan was born and raised in Rama First Nation. In 1995, he returned to his home community after 5 years with the Native Community Branch of the Ministry of Citizenship for the government of Canada. During this time, he gained valuable experience as a Community Development Officer and Business Development Officer. He implemented Aboriginal programs for both on and off-reserve clients.

One of the most rewarding experiences for Dan was receiving an eagle feather from his community. This gift is a high honour and was given for his commitment to serving his community.

Dan joined the Source Protection Committee in the summer of 2014, replacing Fred Jahn.

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