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Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection

You care about the quality of your municipal drinking water.

So do we.

We consider safe and abundant municipal drinking water critical to maintaining a high quality of life. And while water treatment plants closely monitor water quality and remove many contaminants, this process is expensive. Protecting our sources of drinking water before they are overused or polluted makes the most sense. Prevention is easier and more cost effective and than treatment.

That’s what source water protection is all about. A local Source Protection Committee put together a Source Protection Plan with policies designed to protect our underground supplies (called aquifers) and surface water in lakes and rivers.

So what can you do?

If you're a property / business owner / or developer:

If your property or business is located in a “vulnerable area” then you have a greater role to play in protecting municipal drinking water. That’s because contaminants will have a greater and more immediate impact on municipal drinking water.

Search for your property to find out if you are in a vulnerable area and what (if any) plan policies apply. For more resources, check out our resource library.

If you're an interested member of the community:

While you may not be in a vulnerable area where policies apply – there are things you can do to be a good environmental steward of the water. Take a look at these resources to get started.

The next Source Protection Committee meeting.

The date of our next Source Protection Committee Meeting is to be confirmed. Details...